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  • Guys,

    Can you recommend good tutorial on custom movement ?

    Basically I'm not getting the basic tutorial on Cust. Movement in the manual or costume move is not what I'm looking for.

    What I'm trying to do is basically 3 type of behaviours on the sprite:

    1. Sprite travels from bottom to top kind of following snake move bouncing left and right in a range lets say 100 pixels (or random range between 50 to 100 pix would be even better).

    2. Sprite when appear moves up and down 100 px and then on click flays away to up.

    3. On collision sprite is "kick off" to right or left flying out on arc patch (kind of bow shape - not sure if its right words in Eng)

    Any advice much appriciated !



  • 1. use bullet behavior combined with sine.

    set sine to horizontal and influence snake movement with magnitude as the bullets angle is aimed upward (270 deg) and giving the bullet some speed.

    2. Use same as above with no bullet speed and sine vertical. On click/touch add bullet speed and set angle of motion.

    3. Use bullet and set speed 0 and no gravity

    On collision

    Choose angle left or right (200 , 320) set bullet speed and add some gravity to fake arch effect.

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  • I forgot to thank you so .... thank you !! :)

    Works great.

    BTW this community is great. Thanks for being patient !



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