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  • Hey, guys and gals.

    Alright, here's my custom touch control boundaries solution.

    By that I mean player ship movement using left mouse click, so the player ship does not go off screen.

    I did not use the built in behaviors (Bound by Edge or Layout) because I wanted to be able to set the exact pixels (it's important for later).

    If you'll notice, it works pretty well in the beginning, but then seems to hang up (or the ship seems to stop for no reason, especially near right boundary, sometimes left, and then resume, but only if you click several more times).

    It does not seem very elegant and would probably come off as buggy to a player.

    What do you think?

    Did I do this right?

    Is there a better or fancier way to do this that's more full proof?

    Here's the capx.

    Custom Touch Control Boundaries

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  • Also, I forgot to add:

    1) The angles I had to use for the check where the player is at the right boundary don't seem to make sense versus the manual or the readout in game, but this is the only solution I found that works.

    2) Also, when you reach the bottom boundary, the screen occasionally seems to scroll down a bit for no reason.

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