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  • Hi all,

           I want to create shapes that are bit complicated and beyond the physics bounding box editor in c2.

    In other frameworks, like cocos2d, corona sdk etc I would use physics editor and then import the shapes by requiring a library. It can also spit out raw data as well.

    What I'm looking for now is an example of how I would code a custom shape in c2, perhaps in js, and where to do it?

    In corona sdk it's something like shape = {32,-18,41,12,-23,29,78}

    Basically it's a set of coordinates that makes convex of concave polygons. In Js I can see from the box2djs how it's done, but since we're dealing with c2, and it's API I want to make sure I know where to look and a basic example of how to do such a thing.

    Hopefully that makes sense, I understand it's a bit advanced but it's something I'm used to in other frameworks and just want to see if I can expose that here.

    Thanks! :)


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