Custom Platformer Movement not working!

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  • Hey guys, I've only just started using Construct 2 last night following the starter tutorials by Ashley and so far I love it!

    I've been messing about with the engine a little but come to a problem with the custom movement for my platformer.

    I've used the standard Keyboard: On * Pressed -> simulate platform pressing Right/Left/Jump, but for some reason only the Jump works when I assign the key. I checked the Platformer 4 (custom controls) tutorial and my set up is exactly the same, including the 'custom controls' option on my platformer-behaviour object.

    I've tried re-doing the events, restarting construct, trying the same set-up in a new layout/eventsheet, tried it with different keys, tried on my 360 gamepad and even disabled every event other than the custom controls events but the result is always the same - the jump works but the movement left and right doesn't.

    What (probably very obvious) thing am I missing here?!

    Cheers guys!

  • I checked around the forums before posting but couldn't find the answer I was looking for by the way!

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  • use on key down or else they only walk for a splitsecond when you release the key.

    the capx:

  • Embarrassingly simple haha, thanks peanut!

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