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  • Hi all,

    Does anyone know of a way to have the game automatically export the game as something other than index.html?

    I've had to split my project up into multiple html files due to a memory issue, and I have to go through an annoying process of changing all the file names. I hope there's a way, as it'll save me hours of work.

  • I would suggest using the browser object to open a url in the same window.

    You can have multiple folders all pointing at each other.


    Which opens urltest2/index.html

  • newt That's an interesting idea... so then, the game would look for sub folders. Not sure whether or not that would have a knock on effect to the data.js and the C2runtime.js though... They'd still be pointing at the original, I'd have thought.

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  • Well the game doesn't care what you point it at. It's the same as loading a new game.

    Its doesn't save any room on disk, it is actually doubling your resources.

    Then again you can't reuse data.js, or the c2runtime. They are project specific.

  • newt Thanks, but yeah... I guess I have to keep doing what I'm doing. Due to memory issues, I needed to split my game up into multiple projects. I just wanted to be able to export them as something other than "Index.html"

    Not to worry! Thanks for the ideas!

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