How do I use Custom Movement for a perfect collision?

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  • Helo everybody! I started using construct 2 just a few months ago and i loved it. This is my first post here, i had problems before but i found the solutions in this forum. In this case I did found a solution but It did not work

    The problem I have is an issue with the collision detection using Custom movement behavior

    I have a grid of 5x5 blocks, which spawn in a certain point at a high vertical speed (1500px/dt). It has a rule to stop falling when it collides with another block, and it does work, BUT at low speeds like 500px/dt. When i set it to 1500px, this happens

    When it should look like this

    I tried using stepping mode "linear" and "pixels per step" 1, but it still does not work

    Also i found a post from an user called "Ramones" Who uses the condition "on custom movement step" with the overlap condition. It doesnt work for me and i dont know why

    Thank you for taking a moment to help me

    Here is the ripped project file

  • OK i dont know why but changing the sprite size to 100 and using When not colliding with blocks and ground Change y to +10, it works okay, but with the original size of 128 it does not work.. weird

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  • Hi,

    I know this doesn't answer your question directly but I've found it's tricky to get that working good with collisions.

    One idea i've tried before that works well is to instead just keep track of how far each block should move. ... _drop.capx

  • Roj0, thank your for your help. I worked it out 2 minutes ago, using a "change.Y to +16". It s importart that the Delta Y has to be a multiple of the Y size of the object you are moving, I saw your solution, it works good as well, even with highs speeds. I m going to save it when i have to do something with custom move behavior again. Thank you!

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