Custom Movement and Collisions, I have only one side working

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  • I'm having trouble making my own collisions/bouncing with the custom movement behavior.

    I have the ship bounce against a wall and when it bounces on the left and right sides the bouncing angle looks correct, but top and bottom collision the angle is wrong and the ship just reverses.

    Here's my code:

    If I swap the order of the two events in the collisions group, then top and bottom work while left and right don't. I'm kinda stumped.

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  • I think you need to detect which side is being collided with for it to work right.

    Maybe you could do something like this?

    Sprite on collided with tiledbg




    bounce vert




    bounce horz

    A more robust way could be to compare angles like

    Angle(tiledbg.x,tiledbg.y,Sprite.x,Sprite.y) is within 45 degrees or 0

    bounce horz

    Anyway just some ideas

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