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  • I'll keep it short: How do i force a text output object to only display the intended output with no decimals?

    Example: I have a counter, which counts how many times the player triggers a mechanic. It ads 0.5 per hit, but for some reason it doubles that, so i always end up with a round number.

    So, if the player triggers 5 objects, it shows 5 at the text object, but on its way there, it shows x,5 for a fraction of a second.

    If theres 100 objects to trigger within a short period of time, it will constantly show the x.5 being counted.

    Catch my drift? :)

  • show capx (:

    hmmm... Chocapics?

  • My dropbox is full atm, so i found a cheesy upload site. Do note, its the blue download button on the bottom! x)


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  • counting.capx

    First... Using "On Frame Changed is weird" I would place the increment directly in the "On Collision event"

    Also, for your bug, you just had to put the animation speed to 0 (when you edit animation you have animation speed in the property panel)

    If you have some speed in your animation, even with one frame you will trigger the "On Frame Changed" on start of layout.

    And I guess you will trigger it twice when switching animation.

    Well... Now it works as you intended I think.

  • Thanks alot for clearing this up! Much appreciated :)

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