Custom ListBox for Android/IOS for 2D array

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  • How do I build a Custom ListBox for Android/IOS, which will display/manipulate a 2D array values? TheC2 ListBox does not work properly when I created an apk with a phonegap.

    I have probably gone through all posts regarding ListBox and developers have had the same/similar issue, which seems like it has not been resolved.

    I have found something I am moderately hopeful of with a capx example: ... lFnQlBmU3c

    However, the one above does not allow to manipulate particular values. Does it? Could it be improved to be able to make modifications by clicking the values?

    I like it, because it is concise but it does not have the functionality needed to manipulate the 2D array.

    Then, there is a bit more complex solution. Has it been tested by anyone? Is it the only one workaround? I mean the one at the very bottom:


    How do you personally go about the ListBox issue for Android? Please note that I need a user to be able to manipulate array values from some UI with a textBox. ListBox comes in natural but it has the known issues on Android/IOS.

    Working examples greately appreciated

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