Custom Font in CocoonJS (Yes once more please!)

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  • Hello,

    Having some issues getting my font to show up in Cocoonjs Android build. In my CAPX I have the following logic:

    Font - set font face - "boston_trafficregular"

    This font comes from a web font .ttf called "boston_traffic_webfont". I have added the .ttf to my project as well as put a copy of it in a folder called fonts and added to the .zip but no go. Works fine on local web when I use set web font and reference the embedded style sheet.

    What am I missing? I know this has been hashed through a bunch before but still not getting it, any help is really appreciated!

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  • CocoonJS is checking for the file name right now. So you should probably be setting fonts as "boston_traffix_webfont".

  • Hmm... guess it was just a problem with the font name as I tried that before with no luck. Changed the name of the file to just "boston" and referencd it in set font face action. Also, no need to put in a folder anymore too. Thanks for the HELP!

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