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  • Hey guy, how can i use custom font ? i mean True type font (.ttf). I used the font called Pixelsix10.ttf, but when export to the scirra arcade or export to Cocoonjs the font don't work... It's auto fall back to the normal font (Arial), even i created the folder called "fonts" and put .ttf in that folder, then put the folder into a .Zip file i have export.

    I only use text plugin, it's should work but it's not. So everyone know how to get it work please give me some advice. Thank a lot ! I need a pixel font for my retro style game.

  • All is here!

    I don't know the reason but we can't use .ttf fonts so we need to convert our .ttf fonts to .woff. There is a method in the URL I shared you!

  • ... Thank you, but it's still not work when i tested my game on cocoonjs launcher.

    Ludei said that i need to creat a folder call "fonts" and put the .ttf, but it's still not work.

  • Ops, it's worked. :d, when i try to make .apk file, and install it into my device, the font worked :D.

  • Did you need to convert it.. or did it work as .ttf with cocoonjs?

    And where should you create the folder?

  • WizLore I made the font work with me game, and i'll show you what i did.

    1. You must work with the .ttf (true type font)

    2. When exported your game to Cocoonjs, you will see a .Zip file.

    3. Creat a folder called "fonts" and copy and paste your .ttf font into "fonts" folder.

    4. After that, put your "fonts" folder into the .Zip file.

    If it's not work, ask me here, i'm have another way to make it work.

  • Thanks for the little tutorial.. Unfortunately I can't make it work.

    I make sure there are no caps in the font name as I've read in another post. But not working.. yet.

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  • Hi farsmile90 ,

    How did you do please, I still can't make it work.


  • Ok WizLore and beufreecasse , make sure your font is .ttf font and:

    Everytick >> YourTextobject >> set font face >> EnterYourCorrectFontName >>stylenormal     DONE.

    And finish all the 2,3,4 step as i said above.

    Hope it's work !

  • Thank you! I've found why it didn't work.

    In fact if you use at the same time the set Font Size method the custom Font will not be loaded on CocoonJs.

    I hope it will help people!

  • Hmm... I follow both your advice, but still something must be wrong...

    I will check with another font later to see it that is causing the problem.

  • beufreecasse, did you use the - 'every tick' set font - method?

  • It works with another font...

    Maybe the first font didn't work cause it's a webfont converted to .ttf

    I will post If I find out.

  • What I did to make it work is:

    I downloaded a font editor (eg. Typograf), with this I renamed my font so there were no caps in the name.

    This way it works, and you don't have to use 'Set font face'.

    Sorry for this little conversation with myself! :)

  • :)) I know you're very happy, but thank for your little conversation with yourself, maybe someone having a same trouble with font will find something useful in here, in you,

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