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  • So I'm making this supercool game where you dodge red balls with blue ball (very original I know..) The game is basically ready but I just want to add another movement option. See because if you play this game on a mobile and move the blue ball with Drag&Drop behavior your finger will cover the blue ball and make it harder to play the game. What I want to do goes something like this: if you drag your finger on the screen even without touching blue ball the blue ball will move just like your finger.

    Ive tried to do this by creating large transparent object and pinning blue ball to it. But if I do that the blue ball ignores the Bound To Layout befavior so I guess thats out.

    Ive also tried to play with "Set position to.." command but cant yet grasp it.

    Any advice? Shoud I use Custom movement? If so how should I do it?

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