How do I do make a custom control skill?

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  • how do I make a custom control skills?

    for example, I press quickly the up key twice then the ship dodges upwards.


  • The custom movement behavior, then create an on keypress event. Don't know if double-tap is available, but can def set a single key for that.

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  • silverback, actually I'm having trouble creating timers .. my head is a knot

    I did so, it works but it is not perfect.

    + When you press the up key

    • Add 50 to variable UpSkill

    Every 0.5 seconds +

    + When the variable UpSkill> 0

    • Sub 50 of the variable UpSkill

    + When UpSkill variable> = 90

    SPbar +> = 30

    • Set team player to scale 3
    • 30 from sub SPbar
    • Set to True PowerDodge

    + Every 0.5 seconds

    + Is True PowerDodge

    • Set to scale a team player
    • Set to False powerDodge
    • Set to 0 UpSill
  • not sure I understand but are you trying to make the ship do something if the same key is pressed quick enough?

    if so create a variable called 'UpKey' or something then:

    +UpKey = 0

    +Up is pressed

    -UpKey +1

    +UpKey = 1

    +Up is pressed

    -Ship (do something)

    -UpKey +1

    +Upkey = 1

    +System wait 1 seconds

    -Set Upkey to 0

    +UpKey = 2

    -Set UpKey to 0

    that should make it so that if the player doesn't press Up twice within 1 second, they won't be able to do the speed manuver

    hope that helps

  • woooaah!!

    that's it :D

    thank you so much man, you saved my live o//

  • Whew! Glad somone not new showed up!

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