How do I make a custom block building spaceship?

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  • I am working on a RTS that allows players to build custom ships using blocks, hull blocks, engine blocks etc. and then they can save this to build in their factory/ship yard if they have the correct resources. the ship will spawn looking just like they built it.

    How do I go about making this happen? how do I turn multiple objects into one? I thought of tilemaping and arrays for location, how do i manage the hit box per tile? what are your thoughts?

  • Hey mordiaky!

    I would guess the easiest way to achieve this is having a "base part", with image points, to which other parts are attached with the pin behavior. That way you'd have a collision box for every part of the ship.

    I can't check it right now. But if this is still an issue when I get home, I'll make a capx for you.

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  • Thank you, I thought of this, but wouldn't this start to cause performance issue later down the road with multiple objects set up like this in a rts style game?

  • It depends a lot on the amount of objects you expect to have and the platform in which the game will be running. But it will surelly have an impact if you're expecting to have ship swarms like in Starcraft, for instance.

    You could create the sprite dynamically, but I don't think you can do that inside Construct. You'd have to have the parts on your server, create the png, store that online (maybe a blob in a db) and load the external file.

    Still, I don't think you could get away with creating the collision boxes this way. As far as I know you can't load a collision box in Construct.

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