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  • I've been trying to make a ball movement similar to what you'd find in a breakout game, it's more difficult than I expected. Thing is, every example and tutorial I've found uses the bullet behavior which, unfortunately, is too wonky for an actual breakout game; the ball tends to "stutter" and teleport in tight areas and the bounce is not always accurate.

    That said, I was wondering if anyone has programmed or knows how to program their own ball movement with just events. I read through a few flash tutorials and came close, but I couldn't get an accurate bounce off the walls and bricks, just the paddle. Thanks for any help!

  • Try Physics behavior

  • Sounds a bit redundant don't you think?

  • ok i just got an idea, try to combine bullet and Physics

    on ball collision --> bullit off

    something like that! I will think of a proper way to do this, but thats a start.

  • lol..The physics behavior is working pretty well with this, actually. All I need to figure out is how to get the ball to maintain a constant speed.

    Still open to event-only movements though, or perhaps something using the custom movement behavior.

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  • Hey Tokinsom,

    Not sure if you are still looking for an events only ball movement example. But I found this one a few weeks back. It was created by R0J0hound, and as always it's another superb example from the BIG DOG!!


    Hope it helps!

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