How do I custam create a sprite?

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  • If i have a tiledbackground(not tmap) and have buttons on a HUD. Upon button tick, change tileset piece

    • upon clicked

    :- create tileset2 on position tileset1X.Y origin 0

    :- destroy tileset1.

    this would leave almost unlimited customization. But

    could I then SAVE this layout as a single image. to be used as, a spaceship?

    It could be like a shop where you can add guns. (if tilesetGun.totalGun [tilesetG on creation +1 to I.V totalGun]

    Shot Damage = GunP (designated to the tileset) * totalGun

  • Could you please write more clear what you really want, because this doesn't make sense for me.

    Anyway, you can not use a tiled background as a sprite, if this is what you are asking.

    You need to make a new sprite and give it the image you desire.

  • no, it is conditions to where a tilebackground, single image, should be placed. replacing the current one. like rock is broken, now its land.

    Is it possible to save a layout as an image in game? using an Array? or something. I have been looking, but if you know of a tutorial it would help.

  • my question should be better sorry, its hard to phrase

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  • and spell apparently. . .

  • What you want is a tilemap and NOT a tiled background. A tiled background is 1 image that you "stretch" over your whole layout to use it as a static background (ok, it can scroll, but i don't want make it more complicated here).

    For the beginning save your tiles (rock, stone..whatever) in a 2-d Array and draw it on screen. When one tile gets destroyed you change it in the array.

    For example, you say 1 is rock:

    [1,1,1,1,1, 1,1,1,1,1, 1,1,1,1,1]

    then one rock breaks (2 is broken rock):

    [1,1,2,1,1, 1,1,1,1,1, 1,1,1,1,1]

  • this makes a lot of sense, thank you very much

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