How do I use a css style to change look of a progress bar?

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  • Hello everyone. First of all please don't try to link this or that already extisting topic. I have read the manual, I have read tens and tens of topics but I simply don't understand :) I need someone who knows the exact wizard to set up a progress bar with a CSS style.

    In my game the HP bars of bosses is set with a standard progress bar and everything works fine although the appearance is terrible.

    I know there is a way to change this appearance with CSS.

    I have already CSS import plugin, I have my Style.CSS file.

    What about now? In none of the topics I read there is a "wise experienced user" that says:

    1-download this

    2-do this

    3-set this

    4-congrats you've done!

    Every topic is focused on already experienced users. I am a basic one so I probably miss something essential in the process and nothing works.

    I've looked for a solution for a couple of weeks, in the meanwhile I've finished the game... this is the last detail I need to polish.

    Thank you very much for helping and understanding :)

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  • Don't use Progress Bar, it's a form control, they are difficult to style and have lots of problems.

    Progress bar is ridiculously easy to make with a sprite or a tiled background object. Simply create a rectangular sprite, set image point position at x=0, and on every tick update its width.

    For example:

    HealthBar Set width max(maxWidth*(currentHP/maxHP), 0)

    Note - max(...,0) expression is only needed to prevent it growing in the opposite direction in case the HP value drops below 0.

  • Thank you mate, I have read about this but in this way I have a bar that get shorter, right?

    I have not a bar Which progressively empty....

    By the way I Will follow your tips.... At least I can draw my own Health bar.

    Thank you again

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