crouch to stand? (noob stuff)

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  • I've searched the forum to solve this and found some posts, but still can't figure it out, sorry.

    It's a plataform game with crouching. I've managed to make the guy crouch, but I'm trying to play the "crouch to stand" transition animation when releassing the down key and it automatically goes to stand without the animation I want. I guess it's due to the idle/stand animation taking over as soon as I release the key, but when I try to go around that weird stuff happen, like the character appearing under the plataform (weird, since there's no "position" trigger or anything like that).

    This is what I got:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I've also seen that you can handle "groups" so you shut down a whole part of the process at once but still can't understand that. Sorry, I come from another gamemaking engine.

  • I would use on down arrow released to play the "crouchtostand" animation and on animation "crouchtostand" end to goto "stand" animation.

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  • all in the same event?

    what should I add to the other stand animation event to prevent it from overwritting the instance?

  • Have you checked the origin point of your animation?

    I had a similar problem, the dudes kept on appearing inside the platforms, lowering the origin point fixed it for me.

    Another thing, see the platform image point, and if any behaviour sets angle.

  • hmm, yes. that might be the problem of the position stuff.

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