How do - Crosswalk mobile Camera color issue?

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  • Hi there. I'm working on an app which uses the camera from the mobile to send a picture to my server and from there send it trough email... (had to jump trough several hoops to get this far) however when the camera is loaded on my mobile (samnsung galaxy s3) the colors are off almost as if they are inverted (only the colors are inverted as the light/shadows are ok)

    Any idea how to fix this issue? I'm using the provided plugin (user media? )

    Ashley thanks for all the help on getting this far if you have any further input please enlighten my fried brain cells

    and to all the forum posts that in a way or another are related. If i get this working right I will make a tutorial for those who need to do something similar.

    [note] the issue does not show when using the same code trough desktop browser only on mobile.(in my case published with crosswalk)

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