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  • For background.

    Here is a running C2 app I am trying with crosswalk.

    This runs properly with Chrome and Firefox on desktops and on Android devices.

    Exported for Android (XDK Crosswalk) using C2 158.2.

    Packaged with Intel XDK according to instructions.

    Installed the apk on the device.

    The basic layout is correct. Touch events appear to be triggered wrong. A quick touch is triggered as 2 touch events. However, a slow tap and then release is seen as a single touch event.

    The canvas (modified canvas plugin) seems to be working incorrect or perhaps the scripts using it are flaking out.

    Tried on 2 different devices with same results.

    What is interesting is I went and installed the Android SDK and USB device driver for my device and ran in debug mode from the XDK and it ran properly on the device in that case. That gives me hope that the issue is a minor one.

    Also code was minified in all cases (working and not working) so I don't think that is the issue.

    Any ideas??



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  • Worked out the main compatibility issues.

    It appeared to be related to my handling of touch events. Specifically having a "Is in touch" without any other further qualifying conditions seems to cause issues (also for IE).

    That is what I believe. However, also I changed all the "On Touch Object" events to "On any touch End" combined with "Is Touching Object". This addressed the multiple touch events that were being triggered which I discovered were also happening in the browser on Android for length actions on the touch. This is when combined with the Use Mouse Input property of the Touch plugin.

    After working out these things IE and also Crosswalk worked much better.


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