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  • hi,

    i want to export my game for android with crosswalk but when i try to build the app, there is the error:

    "The build failed. An error occurred while building the application. Verify your build assets are correct and try again."

    i followed this steps:

    • creating a new project in intel XDK
    • export the C2 project in the "www" folder (for android)
    • complete the app description
    • build the app ==> error

    then i tried "import an existing app" instead of "start with a blank project" in the XDK: same issue

    i tried to replace the pictures in the "assets" tab, but the issue persist

    i think some C2 features aren't supported by the XDK because if i try the same thing with a very simple C2 project (just a background picture and a sound when we touch the screen), it works.

    PS: i don't want to use cocoonjs because of the loading screen with "Ludei"

  • I had that happened to me a lot for some reason, Seems there was problem with the image for the splash screen in my case. So i opted to have my own, programmed inside my game.

    Try to export the game with all the defaults (icon, splash, etc), see if that works. If there's still a problem, see if your game runs on the XDK preview tab (because it should, if not, you made something terribly wrong in your program)

    Other than that, i doubt it's something from construct2, so you might as well take it up the ladder.

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  • Try to export the game with all the defaults

    i already tried

    see if your game runs on the XDK preview tab

    it runs but i can't build it

    so you might as well take it up the ladder

    sorry, what does it mean? (i'm French)

    I tried with a previous version of my game: i can build the apk, install it in my tablet, run it, but it crash when i destroy an object (a bullet, for example).

    the only thing which i add in the current version is an events group.

    edit: i tried to remove the events group: but i can't build the apk either.

  • i find the solution: i had special characters in the audio files. i removed it and now, it works.

    But now, i have another issue: the game crash when an object disappear (like the previous version)...

    and the game with quite slower than with cocoonjs...

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