Crossover between Construct 2 and Game Maker Studio?

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  • Hello friends,

    I have a question: can a game that has 2 versions: one created with Construct 2 and other with Game Maker Studio, interact on multiplayer?

    Construct 2 have nice features, a very simple to do multiplayer system, but lacks some features like detection of 2 identical objects like they were different and a more customizable snapshot/screenshot to use in-game. It also lacks a native compilation.

    Game Maker Studio have all these features, but it's HTML5 export module don't have support for multiplayer.

    So, let's say that i make same game on both C2 (HTML5) and GMS (WP, iOS). Is possible that C2 version that was exported to HTML5 to interact with WP and iOS versions that were exported by GMS?

    If, at least, as i said, C2 had these features that i miss, i should never worry about this question.

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  • Team

    why dont you first ask if this features exist or not... I think the only "problem" is native export,

    the other things are definatly possible, comparing two same objects,.. "hint" compare family object with regular , but a search will give you lots of answers

    the screenshot feature to my knowing is pretty good, and combining with canvas or paster plugin you can do almost everything

    so finding answer on these two things is probably best option here

  • Hello,

    So, can you show me a tutorial or teach me here about that 'hint' feature, because i am having issue to make place comparison for an action can occur.

    Same about screenshot/snapshot, since i can make a screenshot of 'a,b' dimension on 'x,y' game screen coordinate, just of entire game screen. For me and my game, i need to take screenshot only of part of the screen.

    If you can help me on these little issues, i'll be thankful.

    Also, i need to know if this kind of interaction is possible, since C2 lack native export.

  • all i can say is, i highly doubt that such interaction is possible, and thats being carefull in my wording

    if you need native export, explaining further is waste of time...

    but i encourage you to use search function, lots of answers are already on the site

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