Cross Platform multiplayer (Is this too complex for C2?)

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  • I want to make a co-op game where 1 player controls a character through a level and the other, preferably on a tablet, guides the player through the level.

    Player 1 has a limit range of vision :

    Player 2 can see the whole level including enemies, cameras, traps etc.... and is able to direct the player through the level:

    (Sorry for the crappy art)

    Would this be possible? Both players would need the same levels, however 1 person would be given a different view of the level. Also what would be the best way to publish this? I know with HTML5 cross platform would work, would I just have it be in the menu screen, one person selects PC player, the other selects tablet?

    Thanks a lot guys, if I've not made sense please ask questions.

  • Anyone?

  • Hey ChrisFagan! This is definitely possible but be warned that Multiplayer games are quite a bit more work. You can easily double your workload and headaches as a long more variables come into play. Doubled again if you're going for multiple platforms.

    With the plugin, you can setup the clients to connect to each other. Given your scenario, you can setup a layout with multiple layers: One layer that will hide everything in the level, a Second layer where all the level information is shown. Then with your clients, if you are Player 1, you hide the information layer and show the hidden layer. Then with Player 2, you can do the opposite and hide the hidden layer and show the information layer. Showing and hiding layers can achieve your effect based on what player you are.

    You don't actually have to be in the same layout on each client when using the Multiplayer plugin as long as you don't do any of the automatic movement syncing. Using the messaging system is probably good for your example.

    With a single project, you would have to let one client choose to be the host but then have the tablet just choose "JOIN GAME" or something like that and you could direct it to a different layout based on it's platform.

    In regards of the cross platform, this is very well suited for that. One client could be on a computer (NWjs) and the other on a tablet(android/iOS).

    That is a very quick example but it's definitely possibly. This is a huge topic though so it's hard to give concrete examples.

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  • broknecho Wow that's amazing, thank you! I'll play around with it tomorrow and see what I can get going!

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