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  • I've looked around and so far I haven't found help with the subject of cropping. I've got a sprite sheet and so far pressing the crop button does absolutely nothing for me. I tried separating the sprites in the sprite sheet and then cropping but I still end up with a white background on my sprites. It's really frustrating but is there a certain procedure to crop a sprite image?

    This one in particular <img src="" border="0" />

  • What image editor are you using?

    I think at the moment, if you're saving your images to any other format than RGBA PNG, then matting and other artefacts can be a problem.

  • I was trying Construct 2's image editor but looks like I had to change the image to PNG and crop it with an external program. That's a little bothersome though. Will cropping the sprite sheet have to be done externally as well?

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  • The crop function reduces the amount of empty space around the image. It isn't doing anything for you because it removes transparent pixels rather than those with colour, I assume, so it thinks that the white is part of your sprite sheet.

    To get rid of the white you'll need to make it transparent in an image editor.

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