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  • I'm still new to Construct and game creation in general - keep that in mind. I started this project and got really into it but ran into issues with making timed events. I'm hoping someone can explain what I'm doing wrong.

    The game relies on timed events (e.g. System > compare time > 20 seconds > spawn enemy). I know using the sys > compare time sources from the time since the game was started -- which, with pausing, boss fights, etc. isn't going to work for my project. BUT all other methods I've tried for making a controllable (global) timer don't work. I get one of two scenarios:

    a. Enemies spawn in excess - I get a stream of 50+ enemies for the amount of time that the timer = 00:20 seconds because I'm only counting up by seconds

    b. OR the system won't recognize that the timer = 00:20 because I'm counting on a 00:00:00 system and it doesn't hang on "00:20:00" long enough for the system to register it (at least I think that's the problem)

    I posted before about this and the response was to use the timer behavior. I looked that up and everything I found was what I had already tried. If anyone has a couple minutes to explain to me in detail (as if I'm 5yo) how to create a reliable / controllable timer system I promise you I will finish this project. I find it extremely hard to believe that CS2 didn't consider this scenario beforehand and it's the only thing holding me back at this point <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_mad.gif" alt=":x" title="Mad">

    If you want to check out the capx: ... osave?dl=0

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  • Here's an example of switching FireMonster to use a Timer using a MasterTimer object. ... s_BHT.capx

  • Oh holy crud... I can't believe I missed that. Thank you so much for taking the time to point that out blackhornet!

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