Creating a whip app with accelerometer..

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  • I wanted to create a simple whip app but am struggling to get the whipping motion with the accelerometer. It's a little confusing so i was hoping someone could help out?


  • If you could provide some more information on what a "simple whip app" is and what a "whipping motion" would be in your opinion, you might get better response to your question..

  • LittleStain

    Apologies, these apps are well known so i assumed i didn't need to explain it. It's just a app the plays a sound (normally a whipping sound) once the user does the whip motion with their hands while holding the phone. The whipping motion is basically when you simulate cracking a whip, the motion of moving your hands fowards then back quickly.

    Here's a video that will show what the app is about -

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    Hope that helps <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • How far have you got?

    What specifically do you need help with?

  • zenox98

    The problem i'm having is that while i've got the app to work in theory, whenever i move my phone to play the sound, the sound plays several times all at once. When i use the 'Trigger Once' event, then no sound plays.

    Also, i want the sound to play only when i move my phone forwards as shown in the video i posted, but in my case the sound also plays if i move my phone backwards (hope that makes sense). I don't know how to make it so it only plays when i move my phone forwards and not back.

    Here's the event i'm using to make the app -

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  • I've been doing some minor tweaks with this to try and get the app working right with alot of trial and error and I've kind of made some progress with the app, still need help though.

    It sort of works but i've still got an issue where the sound will play multiple times when you move the phone once.

    Also, the other issue i have is that the sound only plays after i finish moving my phone whereas it should be that the sound plays during moving the phone, i don't know how to do this so i'm hoping some can help?

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