creating a simple highscore for AutoRunner? Paying for help.

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  • Hi all, just want to start off by saying how awesome this community is, Only joined 3 days ago but already having a blast with construct 2, I'm very newbie at all this but would like to start with construct 2 to learn.

    firstly, i've tried all the guides out there with no luck as it's not really what im looking for.

    Currently using the Auto Runner template trying to create a very basic high score

    The idea being that if you beat your distance travelled it will then update the high score and be there for when you next play the game ofcourse

    If anyone can make a basic step by step guide with the Auto runner template (with images would be great) i will tip you via Paypal if you leave your paypal on the guide

    Thanks in advance and hope to see a reply soon

    Happy coding!

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  • Thankyou SO SO much korbaach, i've spent endless hours trying to do this, seeing your coding made me realise where i went wrong, Thanks a bunch, feel free to leave or PM your paypal so i can thankyou by sending a tip, Great work and fast response, Thanks again!

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