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  • Hello fellow

    I've gone into a bit of this in Construct 2, I'm making a puzzle game but I found a problem, do not like him that when clicking on a piece be exchanged for the place of the other, I have tried to Set Position to another object but I have not been able to achieve the goal, and haiga hopefully people who understand Spanish and can help me, Thanks.

    Here's an example of what I want to do:


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  • Welcome to the forums, the members here are glad to help you, but it's better if you provide a project file to analize what the problem is.

    Bienvenido al foro, los miembros aqu� te ayudar�n gustosamente, pero es mejor si provees el archivo del proyecto para analizar cu�l es el problema.

    Si necesitas ayuda en espa�ol puedes mandarme un mensaje personal.

  • I looked at a friends bejeweled clone and it looks like he used Drag and Drop to allow the player to move the piece. On drag start it Z-Layered to the top. When the tile got 60 pixels Distance() from the temporarily saved source location he forced it to drop. It then would snap to the closest tile grid, and moved an invisible sprite to that location. Then he picked each stacked sprite instance under that invisible sprite, and further picked the bottom (z-layer) one to move to that original temporarily saved source location.

    Yes I did ask him to clarify some things so I could post it. but he doesn't want to share code. sorry.

    [edit- the 60 pixels was far enough to land on a tile next to the original, but not far enough to snap to a diagonal.]

  • it would have been nice to see further clarifications, as i want too to get a puzzle game made

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