Creating a pool from a list of txtstrings in a CSV

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  • I have a list of 2000 text strings. Each string has several tags attached to it marked ON or OFF. Let's say SWEET, SOUR, SPICY, TART and SALTY.

    I want the user to be able to make these tags either ON, OFF, or EXCLUDE.

    So if the user selects SWEET and TART as ON, it will create a pool of text strings which have either of these tags. But if the user selects SWEET as ON and TART as EXCLUDE, it will create a list of all the text strings with the SWEET tag, but then it will exclude from this list any of these which also have the TART tag.

    So far I can only create a pool of all the ON tags, and I can't figure out how to cull the ones marked EXCLUDE.

    Is there a logical way to do this without assigning an ID to each text string?

    I hope this isn't so vague as to be a waste of time asking...

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  • Here is an example that filters through a Chinese menu, including some words and excluding others:

    If you want to use actual tags you could setup the array like this:

    Array.At(n,0) would be the sting

    Array.At(n,1) would be a comma separated list of the tags.

    The use find on the tags list instead of the sentence.

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