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  • Hello.. Im used to multimediafusion & gamefactory, and I used to design my plattformgame-scenery in photoshop. And then I add it in several layers: ground/foreground (that should be solid to walk on). And then the background in second layer.

    The objects, like coin, enemies, player and so I used to add in the gamedesign-application..

    I found it out in Construction2 that then I add the level into the application, it is like a solid block, even if its transparent parts of it, that I want to be like nonsolid, only visible parts should be solid to walk on.

    Cant find anywhere to correct this. And noo.. I dont want to design the whole level inside construct from scrath.

    For example, if I make a downhill-part of the level, and import it to construct(or make it direcly), it looks like a downhill-part, but the app threat it lika a solid block, will make the playerunit float in the sky and then just drop to the oblivion.

    thx for the help.

  • I am not sure I understood well, so correct me if I am wrong.

    you draw the level in photoshop, then paste the picture in C2, and add some elements like ennemies coins etc.., right?

    I suggest you read This scirra blog post, so you won't have performances problems in the future.

    On a side note, for sprites objects, you can set the collision polygon, so the solid object collision won't be a bounding box or something.

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  • I find it amazing that you don't know how to create a level, and want it to work how it did in a completely different application.

    Surely it would have made sense to try it out with the free version beforehand before purchasing it and then complaining about it not doing what you expect it to.

    At the very least, please just try a couple of the tutorials. It may ease your anguish.

  • Two words: Colission polygons

    I agree with what Aphrodite said though, if you import all as big images you might run into performance issues, so I would look into chopping things up in pieces or using tilemap to repeat certain parts.

  • ahh, colission polygons, that I looking for.. Couldnt not find out to changes that..

  • I found it! And now I think I need to rethink the method I?m used to then I design levels.

  • gullberg86 I think you can design the whole level in photoshop, then paste it into C2 as a large sprite or tiled background, disable it's collisions... Than add another layer, and fill it with invisible sprite rectangles with collision, which you can deliver around the level to make neccessary pieces solid. However, making piece by piece level objects and designing your level inside c2 is much more helpfull, as especially if you have large levels, the above method may be slow.

  • Alright... I got it... I will make small parts as sprites and puzzle it togheter in order to design whole levels.

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