creating a melee weapon system

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  • Hi guys I need some help with a weapon system I would greatly appreciate it if I can get some help for :-)

    Problem: I created about 4 melee weapons and when I try to pick one weapon up. It picks all of them up at the same time. (I can drop all of them too.

    I basically set up the code like this:


    Press down+ overlapping melee;

    --subevent- instance 1     'set animation to crowbar

    --subevent- instance 2     'set animation to sword

    --subevent- instance 3     'set animation to bat

    pick up flag false        'set pickup flag to true


    pickupflag is true + overlapping weapon

    (I would then do the subevents again but this time set the position of the weapons to the players hand.)

    What is the best way of handling this? perhaps I am not using instances and sub-events correctly. Can someone explain the best method.

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  • How about if you use the condition "Pick by unique ID" instead of "Pick nth Instance"?

    There has to be some sort of tutorial or example on how to use instances.

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