Creating a Leveling Stat System

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  • I'm working on a game where the player's own stats can increase after leveling/receiving a bonus. In the game, the player picks 3 team members who have their own set stats. However, the player itself can add an increase/decrease to each team member at the start of the level.


    Player: +1.5HP, 2Pow, +1.8Def, +0.2Aim

    Team Member 1: 5HP, 5Pow, 4Def, 3Aim

    Team Member 2: 4HP, 3Pow, 4Def, 4Aim

    Team Member 3: 4HP, 5Pow, 3Def, 2Aim

    How would I go about having a system where the Player stats are added as bonuses to each Team Member at the start of the level? It's a 2D side scrolling type of game.

    Also, with the Aim stat... considering that each Team Member is supposed to aim at a particular angle (0, 45, etc.), I'm not sure how to even add an aiming bonus. That stat is perplexing me as to how it's even featured/used properly in a video game. Any ideas on how to go about and get this all working would be appreciated.

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  • Wanting to see if I can get a response to this. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Seeing again if I can get any replies to this. Otherwise, I'm going to see about using multiple globals and try to get it working consistently.

  • Use an array?

    If I understand it right I think you'd want to have the stats of each party member without the player modifier in an array and then whenever using the stats you just use,array.YForStat)+playerstatmod or you could also save the modded stat in array and just overwrite it if the player modifier changes if you feel like it.

    You could have low aiming just sometimes say it missed or something but do you even really need it as a stat?

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