Creating a Lakitu enemy

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  • Hello, I'm currently making a SMB clone in C2 and I'm currently trying to make a Lakitu-like enemy, but I'm having a bit of trouble making it.

    I've compared Mario's X to Lakitu's X to make Lakitu follow him around. It works, but in the real Super Mario Bros, Lakitu moves around the screen a lot. I am wondering if there's any way to make Lakitu hover around Mario but also move around at the same time.

  • To make the enemy to follow your player more naturally (with inertia), you can use 8-Direction behavior:

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  • To me it looks like Lakitu doesn't exactly follow Mario; it just stays on the screen.

    When Mario hasn't moved far enough to shift the camera, the Lakitu just moves left and right at a slow rate. But when the camera is shifting to follow Mario, Lakitu's left/right movements speed up at a rate proportional to the camera movement speed. And when it reaches the right side of the screen, it stays there if the camera is still moving.

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