Creating irregularly shaped turret ranges

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  • Hi all,

    I'm using a turret in my game, but I want it to unaquire targets as they leave a certain irregularly-shaped space. So far I've only been able to get it to unaquire the targets when their x or y reaches a certain point. However, it often reaquires the same target. Is this possible currently in construct2?



  • Simple. Just create an invisible Zone sprite of any shape and set the Turret to automatically target an object (Add object to target).

    Then check if the object is overlapping the Zone.

    If it is, then enable the Turret, if not, then disable the Turret.

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  • That's a good idea, but won't that completely disable the turret? I just want to disable the turret for that particular object.

    There will be a number of other targetable objects on the stage, all part of the same family, which is being targeted as a whole.

  • Bump. Any thoughts? I've been attempting a few things, but so far nothing has worked.. There must be some way to make an object an ineligible target...

  • chasethomas

    Any object is an ineligible target by have to add an object as the target of the turret. If you then want it to unacquire targets, use the unacquire turret target action.

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