creating a game template using arrays

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  • I'm pretty new here and wondering if C2 can do this.

    I'd like to create a template for a fairly simple 'matching' game, where the user matches a name to an image. I'd like to build it so everything is dynamic, using arrays (I assume that to be best). Let's say there is 3 'sets' of images, with anywhere from 5-15 images in each set, and names, and descriptions of the images.

    The user should be able to 'pick' the set they want from a drop down box (or button) on the opening screen: set 1, 2 or 3 - and then the system would read that level of the array and load the images and populate the related vars.

    The question is - can I create image sprites on the fly like this? The sets will all have a different number of images, I won't know until the user picks the set how many to load, and which images they are. After that the game would play the same for all 3 sets, the user needs to click on the correct image bouncing around the screen that matches the text on the screen (also from the array).

    So my question really is can I use a drop down box to allow the user to select a 'set', the read in the related set values from a three level array (one for each set), then dynamically create the correct number of images for the set and load them?

    Thanks for any tips!


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  • Hmm.... no one has replied... so I guess I'll assume C2 can't do this, although I would have expected it could.


  • Yeah it is no problem to do that. Maybe you need a more specific question, like at what step you are hitting a brick wall.

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