Creating a Game Over screen with TimeScale

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    Please bear with me; I'll try to keep this concise and clear.

    This is what I want to happen...

    When object MrBlue collides with objects BlockBird or Eggsplosion, the game is over.

    • All objects EXCEPT the GameOver sprite font should be set to TimeScale 0 (zero).
    • The layer "InfoScreen" should turn visible with a red tint and the GameOver sprite font should fall down with its physics property active.


    I've tried setting the TimeScale of the whole game to zero and the GameOver sprite font to 1, but that doesn't work.

    I've also tried adding all objects (except for those on the HUD layer) to a Family object and setting their object TimeScale to zero, but that doesn't stop certain objects from spawning and moving along.

    None of this is working...obviously, which is why I'm here. LOL

    The lines to check out are on 71 - that's where the game over scenario begins. Also see line 36 (the AmIDead instance variable is my attempt at an alternate solution to keep the spawn objects (off-screen) from generating new platform instances).

  • Couldn't get the first solution to work. Used the second and threw in some group disablers, let me know if that's what you wanted.

  • Yarfapet - LOL Well, that'll do it! I did think about using the Disable Group action, but I wanted to see if I could better understand how I can utilize TimeScale. Thank you for your time! I deeply appreciate it.

  • Rhindon No prob. As I said, I gave global timescale a shot first, but I think physics are tied to global timescale.

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  • Yarfapet - That would make sense if that's the case. I'm ALWAYS eager to learn about those behind-the-scenes details as to HOW things work in C2.

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