Creating Fishing Mechanics, need help!

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  • Hey, Scirra! It's been a while since i've posted and i'm back working a nice concept i want to see develop bit by bit. A meditative shore fishing experience. I started focusing on the look but stopped working assets until i get basic casting, hooking, and reeling mechanics. The game will be stylized and minimal and the aim is to bring the chillness and relaxation of shore fishing in a clean manner.

    I'm trying to work with physics and joints to get a dandling tackle from the tip of the rod to a bobber and a hook. Here's my progress so far.

    I'm very pleased with this but one of the main issues right of the bat.....there is no fishing line....i have no idea how to create a proper fishing line between those assets. I looked at some very nice rope examples around in the site but didn't understand them quite well and need some further explanation on hooking that up (get it? get it?) and be able to make the fishing line extend when cast and reeled in when necessary.

    At the moment i'm using revolute joints to connect these objects and haven't been able to produce a proper cast due to several problems.

    -not knowing how to extend the distance between joints.

    -currently producing a bad launch by removing the first joint, i'm finding this method very hard to control and a bit unpredictable. hard to time right, etc.

    -getting the bobber to "float" on some kind of water and react to fish nibbles. not sure how to implement this properly either, at the moment i have a water sprite which when the bobber collides with it triggers the creation of a joint between a sprite above the bobber and the bobber itself. The nibble trigger applies a force to the bobber but due to not being able to make the joint stretchable, the bobber merely gets pulled and dangles rather than to lower and shake.

    -cast strenghts, an important factor would be to be able to cast to different distances but haven't mingled with this area yet due to having the above things unresolved.

    Feedback and help would be very appreciated, guys!

  • Well, I can't help you but I must say that, so far, it has a pretty nice looking.

  • Thanks, thanks! There still a lot to work with the art!

  • Did you use the 3d tool from illustrator to draw that ball?=p

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  • I would argue that you don't necessarily need the fishing line. After all, it's usually so thin...

  • Did you use the 3d tool from illustrator to draw that ball?=p

    Nope, the items and terrain are done in Blender.

    I would argue that you don't necessarily need the fishing line. After all, it's usually so thin...

    I have been considering that, actually. Would save tons of trouble but the concept is kinda stylized so having a neat, slick line might come in handy. With or without line, though, i still have all the other issues.

  • Hm, can you move distances between joints? or perhaps move the objects with each joint?

  • As another fellow fishing game developer, I too was looking around trying to find "line in the water" physics that could be applied, but came up empty. In the end, you can still do quite a bit of trickery to give the illusion, at least.

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