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  • Apologies if this has been answered before (and probably has) but I couldn't find an answer anywhere! I imported images into construct by dragging and dropping onto the layer. The image was of a button, so obviously I would like to have several of the same sprite doing different things, however I can't work out how to make the event sheet relate to one specific instance of the sprite as opposed to all of them!

  • For example: I have the button set to destroy the sprite and start a timer, but whenever I click another button of the same Image It does the same thing! Rather annoying. Very new at this! If you need clarity on what I want to do it is possible on gamesalad by editing the specific instance properties. But when I click "change instance properties" it just takes me to the event sheet page. Also, I have tried dragging the image in each time instead of copy and pasting but still didn't work

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  • C2 picks all instances by default, unless you specify a means of picking just one. For example, make an instance variable and set a different value per button. Now add a pick event that evaluates the value you want, and only that one will be picked. Post a CAPX if you need help.

  • well you could pick by UID (unique ID) or a better way would be to add one sprite, set it up the way you want, then right-click it to Clone. This will create an identical object, but it will have a different name, therefore can be referenced differently.

    Otherwise if you cut/paste the object, they all share the same name and you have to pick them individually by UID.

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