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  • Hello all,

               Is it possible to create animation film in construct2? I was successful in doing animation but was not able to synchronize it with additional sound. Also is it possible to resize the frames which are used in animation.I was able to resize sprite but didn't find any option of resizing frames which are embedded in animation.

  • It should be possible although Construct2 was not made specifically for that purpose. It would be a lot like creating a cutscene.

    you could compare the frame and set the spritesize accordingly.

    to sunchronize the sound you should have it triggered at the right time, or trigger the events at the right time according to the sound.

  • Thanks a lot buddy

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  • Make an Animation film is a wonderful Training for later Projects in construct 2 for learning the Basics, but you Need other Tools, too. My first Project was only made for a movie (a Little bit advert for a bar. (made with construct 1). Here the Video: (At 2:25 Min. the bar was a lot of work ;) ) I have made it with the event-sheet (if collide the object one with object two ---> Play Sound sword & start Animation swordfight). I have Record this with Camtasia as a Videodat. uh yeah... its a Long time ago i have made it and now i make my first bigger game with Construct 2 :D :D :D :D :D

    Another: I have not used that program (I am not sure you can integrate your work in construct 2, but when you Need lipSync is this program very intestring for 2d/3d char.speak:

    PS: Sry for my bad english ;)

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