How do I create a Xml file to save/read data

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  • Hi all,

    For pc export, is it possible to create a xml file like (save1.xml, save2.xml) to save game with variables as I want. Then check folder if there are save files already. Read from xml to load. Plus I can use this to load general game data at start. So game would be moddable.

    Simple xml file example

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
        <money value="13.000000" />
    There is this functionality on game develop engine but it lacks many other features compared to C2. Even you can create folders with it's "execute command" function like ("mkdir data\save") and also you can create file with ("copy /y NUL data\save\save1.xml >NUL") . And you can easily write and read data. Is it so difficult to create a function like that to execute msdos like commands? Or is it impossible beceause C2 mostly targets browser instead of pc.
    My dream engine would load images,sound files, and datas(xml txt vs) from directories.
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