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  • Hello Community!

    I used search, but i didn't found anything...

    (and sorry about my english *g*)

    How do i crate a Worm who's growing?

    Like THIS or THIS one?

    The worm contains the head, the body-parts (grows/adds body-parts) and at the end the tail.

    So how can i realize it, that between the head and the tail body-parts will be added, when the worm "eats" something?

    Thanks a lot!

  • The classic name of this game is "Snake".

    If you search for this term you can find this topic or this one or even this one or yet again this one.

  • Thanks Kyatric ^

  • Ahhh....




    All the time i was searching for Worms and i wonder, that i dont find anything... *hehe*

  • I looked at the links, but there's nothing i can use...

    I don't mean that snake-movement like "block-by-block/square-by-square"...

    I mean an worm-movement like in THIS GAME, just for example (real-time-movement *hehe*)

    Ans some examples from your postet links does not work anymore :(

    But thanks again for your fast answer and help!

    (and sorry again for my english *g*)

  • Try to use the "Pin" behavior in rope mode, pinning each body part to the previous and only moving the head.

    For the growth logic, the topics I've linked still work, you need to pick the correct instances.

  • Thanks to all and specially to Kyatric for help - but now i have another problem.

    Normally the world/playfield have limits (size of the layout), so i created an playfield, that is infinitely!

    The Player is always in the center of the screen and seems to move, but acuality the background/opponents/environment moves in opposite direction of Player. So the world seems to be endless!

    (for my game it will work so)

    But now i can't make a tail like in the examples mentioned.

    ("pin" with rope-style does not work)

    HERE is an test-capx to see, what i mean with endless playfield.

    (Control by touching)

    Thanks again!

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  • The endless playfield may be part of the problem with the rope, if the head doesn't actually move, it can't drag the body out behind it.

  • I'll be afraid that this is the "problem"...

    Is there another way to "simulate" a tail with my movement?

    I tried with different ImagePoints, but the animation of the tail is to rigid...

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