How do I create a world of goo mouse effect?

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  • NetOne lol no it's great i just wasn't sure if that was something that was a side effect of that particular approach. I figured there must be a way to hide that one dot. Thanks for confirming!

  • here updated with capx, I had to delete the last one as the scirra arcade got a bit confused,,,,

    you could probably play with the valies a bit to make it a bit cleaner....

    it doesn't look as organic as R0J0hound amazing way of doing it with lerp. But it probably uses a less sprites. also if you wanted it really smooth you could lerp a few joining sprites together and taper them from one size to the other. or the ultimate, as R0J0hound suggested, do some interpolating of the curve and create more points where needed. That's a little past my noobie capabilities presently though I'm afraid........ <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad"> ... rser-14435

  • simply badass!

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  • Dude. I just looked at a real world of goo video and the curser looks nothing like this!!!

    The tail is kept short and consistent and there are no trailing balls, hmmm there is something else going on there.....this is not over yet.....

  • nice

  • lol NetOne indeed you are spot on about it not being exact. However that said you DID help come up with what I was ultimately aiming for. The idea was the swipe is meant to be a temporary reflective barrier..

    years back I made a game called "Cyball" I did it with GameSalad and it was one of the more popular games I did but it's aging and apple is warning of it getting taken down so I thought it might be time to replace it not just with a 1:1 port, but maybe spiff it up a bit.

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