How do I create a win event in Construct 2?

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  • How do I create a "win event" in Construct 2?

    Okay, here's my game at it's current state...

    My Game "Giman"

    I want to create a win event... I thinking of using "varibles" meaning when all the sprites are gone, the you win pops up, with your score, then the game asks, "play again".

    So can anyone give me a link or a step by step?

  • So first you need do determine what the win conditions is (points earned, time passed, whatever you want)

    maybe add 1 to variable when the player triggers an on collision with the tests. and for each level you set this number. so when "tests collided = tests needed for level" a variable must be changed. (set WIN to 1)

    when the variable has been changed, then you trigger the Win (and wathever you want to happen then)

    at the start of each new level, WIN must be set back to 0.

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  • I want the win to be when all the teachers are tagged, and are replaced with the text , "in office", I was thinking is their a way to write this condition, "When all teachers sprites are gone, then player wins".

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