How do I create Waypoints to move along path and animate

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  • Hi, thank you for your software and your generous and lighthearted way. At first sight there seem to be a lot of programs for making simple games for websites. But yours is the only one I found that makes it possible without coding. Unity's html5 export is still mostly not working. Same for Unreal Engine. GameMaker has no trial before paying 170 dollars for the html5 export option and their privacy policy shows their business based on privacy invasion on a massive scale. And GameSalad are shutting up users writing about advantages of Construct 2.

    I started to make a game using Construct 2 where a bird flies over a landscape (move along path). It now does, but only straight, and I would like it to follow a fixed path. I searched for hours and don't find how to draw the waypoints. doesn't explain it.

    There is a sample following a nicely curved line from 2011 here, but no explanation how to do it:


    Also it would be nice if the bird could be shown bigger and smaller zooming in at certain points along the way (animation). Thanks for your attention.

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  • There's several things you can do If you would like to follow a fixed path you can make a waypoint system, have each waypoint have a instance variable let's say "number in path" or something , then set it up so that your Bird will fly towards the point that has the lowest number.

    Another way is to set up some invisible obstacles so the pathfinding has no choice but to go in that particular Route.

    I made an example in about three or four minutes showcasing a basic waypoint system You can press spacebar to start the example. ... mdISmcyQnM

  • Thank you, Brandon12hummer. Unfortunately I can't reply to private messages, newbies are blocked because of spammers, and I don't have Skype. Thank you for your example, I can see it in a text editor. How did you make waypoints?

  • Oh they're just sprites with an instance variable attached You can make them invisible in game

    Pathfinding confused me quite a bit when I first started using construct2 pretty much there's no built-in waypoint system but you have the tools to make one fairly easily you'll find a lot of the time it's easier to make your own systems Then to look for one that someone else made.

    If you'd like some help or have any questions with anything else I'd be happy to answer them on steam or email I'll send you my info.

    This is a screenshot I used to show someone else I'm helping how to add variables

    By the way you were able to download the example right>?

  • Oh, a good drawing explaining, thank you Good to know it's really missing in the interface, no wonder I didn't find it. I will gladly email you if I get your address.

  • The original link with the construct 2 example wasn't working so I updated it ... mdISmcyQnM

  • Hi there,

    any chance you can upload that file again?

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