How do I Create over two sprite UID image point

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  • How do I Create or spawn a sprite objet over two sprite UID image point


    textName uid = 0 with xy position at 64, 992

    textName uid = 1 with xy position at 256, 896

    sprite uid = 2 current position is any where off screen

    what i want i do

    system => var 1 equal var2 =2 => system => create Sprite at textName uid = 0 (imagepoint 0) to textName uid = 1 (imagepoint 0)

  • I'm not sure I understand..

    Do you want the sprite to stretch, scale, rotate to overlap both imagepoints?

  • yes LittleStain Stretch...

    for now i just fake it, make invisible on start when i need it to stretch from point A to B i make it visible over them. this way i think it use up memory but if i spawn it when i need it i'll use less memory

    next way can do it to stretch over one

    system => create obj Sprite on layout 0 (textName.X , textName.Y + 10)

    i just cant come up with how to say create it from textName uid = 0 to textName uid = 1

    (lol.X , lol.Y , dwl.X , dwl.Y) this is how to state two different sprite

    how to reference the UID property in this case.

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  • One way would be to pick the second instance by uid, set some local variables to the x and y..

    then have the first instance spawn or create and stretch to the x and y in the local variables..

    A lot depends on how you have things set up..

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