How do I create Twitch Integration?

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  • I have only been able to find one post about this:

    In which (for some bizzare reason) the OP decided to delete all their posts because THEY determine it not to be useful, despite the fact that people ask questions I'm interested to which they respond with what I imagine is a good answer. They say they'll make a tutorial instead, but that isn't available, and the capx link is broken.

    In any case, I'm currently trying to create an app that will simply read messages of a given channel, and have the app react accordingly. At the moment, I do not need to post any messages, but I am interested in looking for ways to do the following:

    Count viewers

    Recognize when bits have been donated AND how much

    Recognize when money has been donated AND how much

    Look for key words

    Recognize who has donated anything, and written specific words

    I may eventually wish to allow the app to post on the specific channel, but at the moment I am not sure how tricky that would be, so I'm skipping it.

    I'm currently just staring blankly at the Websocket plugin :)

    The only image I've been able to find (based on that last post) is the following:

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