How do I create translucent shadows?

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  • To my surprise, I managed to create one single translucent shadow (unfortunately, I forgot to take a snapshot). Ever since then, all future shadows are just black.

    How can one alter the opacity of a shadow? Is it solely dependent on the colour of the shadow caster sprite?

    EDIT: Setting the character sprite to XOR (which made it disappear, kinda), I was able to recreate the effect.][/img]

    Is there a way to force all shadows to look like the one on the right, without sacrificing the character sprite?

    EDIT2: More importantly. How do I get WebGL enabled browsers to display those translucent shadows? They only show up in Firefox, as long as WebGL is disabled.

    EDIT3: Never mind. I missed the opacity option inside the shadow light's menu. Working now. Alas, still a bit blocky.

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