How do I create top down ball movement?

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  • When the player touches the ball, I want the ball to move in the direction the player moved toward the ball from.

    All the examples I've found use the physics behavior, which would work if I was making something like pinball, but in my case, it'll just fall off the screen.

    When I say top down, I'm talking about the style Pokemon and Zelda are in, a birds eye view! Any ideas? I have no idea how to go about this.

  • Sorry, not understanding when you say: "move the ball from"...

    Do you want the ball to move in the direction of swipe?

    You could try bullet and touch.X/ touch.Y

    Is touching - enable bullet.

    Is touching (inverted) bullet dissbled.

    You'll have to mess around with bullet behavior to get it right.

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  • My bad! I meant that there's a sprite which the player controls. When they come into contact with the ball sprite, the ball should go in the direction they moved into the ball from. Sorry about that.

  • see if these work for you...

    or this

  • I'm not using touch controls, but I'll see if I can apply these methods to what I'm trying to do. Still open to solutions!

  • The first method doesn't have anything to do with my issue, and I can't seem to apply the second method, even though it's exactly what I want. (just without the touch part).

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