How do I create a tint effect in a small area (solved)

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  • Hi (:

    I hope somebody can help me.

    I am trying to create 3 "domes/circles" effects that follow my characters, and what these circles are supposed to do

    is change the color of everything inside them.


    Everything inside the RED circle is supossed to lose the color red (more precisely, the red in the RGB value,if have any). So if I have some sprite outside this circle with RGB values of 255, 100, 50. When the circles pass over them they will have to have a value of 0, 100, 50.

    I know how to do this to an entire layer using the Tint effect, but I can't create in just a small area. I tried using something like the Spotlight effect that can be found in some youtube vídeos, but it did not work.

    Can anybody help me with this?

    Thanks (:

    (Solved) All I had to do was use the Tint MASK effect. Feeling so dumb now. thank you A0Nasser for the help (:

  • Why didn't you add the effect to the circle sprite?

  • I tried, but the effect only change the circle itself. it won't chance the sprites that the circles is overlapping

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  • Are you sure that the circle in the top.

  • Yep

    The circle is in a layer above the layer of the sprites I want to change.

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