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  • I have a boss moving around in a Sin Movement fashion, I want it so that he stops his movement pauses for a second then fires a shot, pauses again for a second then fires a second shot and finally continues on with his movement.

    I have tried using the Every X second event while activating and deactivating groups, this actually seems to cause the event to run immediately on activation no matter what the X seconds is set to. I have tried the Repeat event with a Wait X seconds action. I have also tried using a While Loop. Nothing seems to give me a consistent timed loop.

    I get the feeling that the "For loop" is exactly what I'm looking for but I guess I don't fully understand how to use it. I have read the Loop/Arrays help page but I'm still a little confused on what the start index and end index mean, and how I would control the system to prevent it from going through the index every tick.

    I'm sorry but I don't have a good CAPX to upload because I have tried so many combinations, and haven't been saving them individually, that at this point I don't a completed event sheet.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and any help is greatly appreciated

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  • Can't you just do it in one event?

    Wait 1 second


    Wait 1 second



  • I tried this and unfortunately it seems that while the conditions of the event are met the actions are sent every tick, so instead of it waiting 1 second to shot 1 bullet it waits 1 second then begins to fire a constant stream of bullets because of how many times the action was sent while waiting for the first bullet.


    So to fix this problem of the actions being sent to much I just added another variable called ShotCooldown that does not have a Wait action infront so that the conditions are not met right away.

    Thank you so much for the help this was exactly what I needed.

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